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CS1 - Thessaloniki


CranioSacral Therapy  1 - Thessaloniki

June 11 - 14, Thessaloniki 2020

This course is certified by the Upledger Institute International.

In "CranioSacral Therapy 1 - CS1" you will be introduced to the craniosacral system and how to approach it manually.  Perhaps the most important element for this therapy, is being able to feel the CranioScral rhythm. By doing so you can evaluate the body and apply techniques much more effectively. 


Course Highlights :

  • Feel the craniosacral rhythm and use it as an assessment tool

  • Appreciate the anatomical intricacies of aspects of the skull, cranial sutures and the vertical and horizontal cranial membrane systems

  • Why working with the dural tube has such positive effect on the rest of the body

  • Understand fascia as a whole body system, the visco-elastic characteristics of tissue and how we can use it to pinpoint the source of physical problems

  • What a still point is and how and why to induce one (including CV4)

  • How and when to use ‘direction of energy’ techniques

Come away with the 10-step treatment protocol you can integrate into your practice immediately or use on family and friends.

The course is divided into small lectures, which include demonstrations by the instructor and hands on practice. There is always supervision by the instructor, as well as experienced therapists, who take the role of teaching assistant.  

International Certification

This seminar is certified by the Upledger Institute. The pioneer of CranioSacral education: 


International Certification 110 countries around the world.

125.000 trained therapists world-wide.


John Page

John S. Page, MCSS, DO, CST-D

Read his resume here.  

The course is taught in English.

John S. Page is an instructor certified by the Upledger Institute International.

He is the founder of Upledger Institute UK Overseas. He is in charge of training in Greece and Poland.

Certified examiner from the Upledger Institute, for the CST Techniques and CST Diploma exams.



Nik. Germanou 1, Thessaloniki 546 21

Time & Schedule: 

9:00 - 18:30 (if your hands-on practice is not complete, the time will be extended untill 19:00).

8:30 only for the first day of the seminar.


Your should read Dr. Upledger's "Your Inner Physician and You"

and chapters 1- 6 from “CranioSacral Therapy”  written by Dr. Upledger and Jon Vredevood. (available only in English)

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CS1, November 22 - 25, 2018


CranioSacral Therapy  1

Thessaloniki, November 22-25, 2018


This workshop is under the approval of Upledger Institute International.

The developer of CranioSacral Therapy in 

110 countries all over the world

125.000 therapists worldwide.

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John Page


John S. Page, MCSS, DO, CST-D

Τhe seminar is taught in English and translated in Greek

John S. Page is a certified instructor of the Upledger Institute International.

John has been the founder of Upledger Institute UK Overseas. Currently he is responsible for organizing the training in Greece and Poland.

John Page is also a certified examiner from UI for the certification on CST techniques and CST Diploma. 

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Meeting Site

Εgnatia Palace Hotel

Egnatia Str. 61, Thessaloniki, 546 31

Egnatia Palace Hotel

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Time of Attendance: 

9:00 - 18:00 (if you haven't finished your practice you may stay until 19:00). Starting time on 8:30 a.m. only the first day of the workshop.    


Reading the Book  "Your Inner Physician and You" by Dr. Upledger

Chapters 1-6 from the book “CranioSacral Therapy” by Dr. Upledger and Jon Vredevood. 

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